Advocating for Insurance Coverage

Health insurance is one of the most common benefits offered by employers. Large employers often have self-funded health insurance and decide which health services and procedures are covered under their policy.

If this is the case, there are steps you can take if your employer has decided not to include bariatric surgery as a covered benefit.

Meet with a Human Resources Representative

Take time to meet with someone from Human Resources to find out why bariatric surgery is not covered. Share your story and how you believe bariatric surgery will benefit not only you, but your organization as well.

It may be helpful to bring information about the many benefits of bariatric surgery—such as increased energy levels and decreased health issues—which can translate into savings for the employer.

Educate Coworkers

Getting coverage approved by an employer can be a time-intensive process. Take the time to educate your coworkers about the surgery and its importance. By educating your coworkers, you’re not only fighting society’s obesity bias, but you also may find other people interested in bariatric surgery.

For more assistance, please contact your JFK for Life Bariatric Coordinator.

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