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Patients Receive Comprehensive Treatment and Support, to Help Ensure Long-Term Weight Loss Success

Edison, NJ – JFK Medical Center is proud to offer a new lifestyle and surgical weight loss program, JFK For Life, providing medical and surgical based solutions and a full range of support services for patients dealing with obesity.

“Our weight loss program involves a thorough initial medical and lifestyle consultation with specific plans for long term solutions and follow up,” explains Dr. Alexander Abkin, Medical Director of JFK for Life. “The program includes nutritional and behavioral instruction related to eating problems, metabolic testing, review of individual medical conditions, the development of individual exercise regimes, as well as surgical options.”

Obesity has become a significant national health issue, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting that 66 percent of all US adults are overweight or obese. Morbid obesity is closely correlated with a number of serious conditions that severely undermine the health of overweight patients, including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. For patients struggling with obesity and weight loss, the odds of successfully keeping the weight off are stacked against them. “Only five percent of people who lose more than 50 pounds are able to maintain that loss beyond six months.” said Dr. Abkin. “Maintaining that loss can be crucial, especially when obesity has become a serious threat to a person’s health, contributing to or aggravating such illnesses as diabetes, heart disease or arthritis.”

Unlike most bariatric surgery programs, JFK for Life is designed to offer comprehensive weight loss solutions. “It’s not the amount of weight you need to lose, it is how your life will be different and better once you lose the weight,” says Pat Sullivan, RN, BSN, Program Coordinator for JFK for Life. “We are your partner in your weight loss journey. Whether your route consists of lifestyle changes involving nutrition and fitness or using the catalyst of bariatric weight loss surgery, JFK for Life will guide you to your destination. We incorporate the necessary lifestyle and behavior changes, as well as ongoing support, to help patients maintain weight loss,” adds Sullivan. “Successful weight management requires a lifelong commitment to the way you see food and relate to food.”

Patients of JFK for Life are offered appointments with a registered dietician to discuss their nutritional needs, a behavioral therapist who addresses their behavior patterns and coping mechanisms related to food, and an exercise physiologist who can help them incorporate physical activity into their lives.

JFK also offers free monthly seminars conducted by Dr. Abkin which provide attendees with information about both surgical and non-surgical treatments for obesity. “At the seminars, former patients of our program offer their own insights and personal experiences with weight loss and bariatric surgery,” Sullivan said. For more information and to sign up for a free seminar, please visit


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